Kimberly Marshall

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Our Story: La Belle Vie Photography is created by Kim Marshall (The Step-Mom) and Ciara Mulvaney (The Step-Daughter). We have a mutual love for photography, travel and relationships. When trying to decide on a name for our business, we asked ourselves "What are we about?" and what do we want to portray to our clients. We looked at our collection and decided we are about what makes people happy - whether it be sports, the arts, travels or family & friends. So, Ciara and Kim became La Belle Vie - "The Good Life". Our mission is to bring happiness to you - please let us be the ones to photograph your business, event, portrait or decorate your home with our work! Our work is on display in several locations in New York and Florida.

Kim's Story:
Kim Marshall is originally from Western New York - born in Jamestown, her school years in Rochester, and as an adult 15 years in Buffalo. She has been an Orlando resident since 1997, resides in Lake Nona, with her family.
Kim's love of photography began as a child when she learned history could be documented through the glory of film. It was amazing for her to view her grandparents as children, and to understand what life was like in the 1890's. These photographs and others became keepsakes for generations in her family. Isn't it a great feeling to be able to hold a photo in your hand and look into the eyes of someone who's passed, or to remember a day that you hold special in your heart? La Belle Vie Photography is the perfect mix of generations and perspectives portrayed by Kim and Ciara through the art of photography. Kim met her step-daughter, Ciara in 1998, when she was just 4 years old, and the study of arts, especially, photography, has been predominant in their life together. Because of her relationship with her family, especially Ciara, Kim understands how important it is to chonicle the life and times of your loved ones.
As a travel and fine art photographer, Kim's passion for travel has taken her to more than 40 countries. This allows her to document today's world through many cultures, and in her work she blends history with current times. Her work is displayed in several galleries around Central Florida and Buffalo, NY.

Ciara's Story:
Ciara Mulvaney grew up in Orlando, Florida and still resides there. Currently she is a senior who attends Lake Nona High School. Ciara has had the great privilege to travel the world immensely. By the age of six months, she had flown across the Atlantic. By the time she was five, she had experienced Europe over ten times. To this date, she has traveled to thirty-seven different countries. When trekking around the world, Ciara has come to the realization that documenting the journey is half the fun. She loves to capture the cultural and enlightening elements of a new locality through the lens of a camera. In recent months, she has collaborated with her step-mother where they began the business of La Belle Vie Photography.